Motorola Baby Monitors – The Right Ones for Your Children

best baby monitor - watch my totOnce you have made your mind to purchase a baby monitor to keep surveillance of your baby at home, it is time to decide the brand and model you want to go for. Out of a myriad range of baby monitor models available in the market, it is easy to choose the best one for you if you have a clear picture in your mind about the features you require in your baby monitor. However, the basic purpose of monitoring your baby’s activities can be resolved by all these monitors, you might be looking for some specific feature in your baby monitor that may or may not be available in certain models.

While there are numerous brands in the market selling baby monitors, Motorola is one such reliable brand which has achieved remarkable success in the field of baby monitors. The Motorola Digital video baby monitor is one of the most recommended and best selling baby monitors in the marketplace today. The Motorola digital video baby monitor provides you with all the possible functionality that can be equipped in a desirable baby monitor. It is an ultimate device you have been looking for; now you can monitor all the activities of your baby and make yourself completely assured that your baby is doing well in her room. Find out the best baby monitor reviews at Watch My Tot.

The Motorola digital video baby monitor comes with one of the largest display unit which is a 3.5 inch video monitor with high resolution colored display. Bigger than any other video monitor display and equipped with infrared night vision quality display makes it by far the best and optimum baby monitor available in the market. Another amazing feature of the Motorola digital video monitor is its audio sensitivity which lets you hear even the slightest sound uttered by your baby. The Motorola digital video monitor also comes equipped with an automatic sleep mode feature which activates when the baby is asleep and no sound is uttered by her for a long duration. As soon as the baby wakes up and utters something, the sleep mode deactivates itself automatically and the voice of the baby can be heard at the receiving end.

The receiver end, along with the digital video display, incorporates a highly sensitive microphone which allows a two-way communication between the parents and the baby. This gives the baby a sense of fake security that the parents are nowhere but in her surroundings.

Other valuable features which are included in the Motorola digital video monitor are a temperature sensor, a lullaby player with built-in lullabies, sound-activated lights, flexible camera swivel which allows optimal picture capturing and above all an excellent range of up to 500 ft. The Motorola digital monitor uses a wireless technology to transmit signals between the transmitter and receiver units. It also has an indication which warns you if the any of the units are placed out of the baby monitors range.

Overall, the Motorola digital video monitor can be an excellent choice for you to keep an eye on your baby at times when your baby is asleep in her room or you are busy with other household work and are unable to stay around your baby. The Motorola digital video baby monitor can also be purchased online from various e-shopping websites at discounted rates.