How to choose a Baby Carrier?

how-to-buy-baby-carrierBaby products are mushrooming day by day in the market. Even with the baby carriers, stores seem to offer newer varieties almost every day. If the wearer is inexperienced, in such a case it is very essential to weigh the pros and cons for each type. This would help in buying the right one that matches the mother and her baby’s needs. Some of the points that should be taken into consideration include:

Size of the baby

Depending upon the baby weight, a baby carrier can be chosen so that the wearer gets a firm grip or hold on the baby. If the baby weighs more, it gets essential to distribute the weight evenly. This is when an infantino front carrier becomes handy. For babies with light weight, moby wrap and slings are comfortable choices. For instance a baby with 31 pounds can be conveniently carried in an Ergo carrier. Do not end up buying the wrong designs that do not fit the criteria of the baby as well as that of the user.

Tendency of backache

With mothers complaining of severe backache, the solution lies in using soft structured carriers and fabrics or wraps. These carrier designs assist in holding the baby on different parts of the body hence are helpful in reducing the strain on the back. Additionally the backache problem can be avoided or reduced if the baby is held high. This leads to placing the baby’s center of gravity above that of the user. Without much exertion the mother can get a firmer grip over the baby. However a suggestion will be to spread the wrap or any other carrier properly so as to be able to distribute the load of the baby uniformly.

Need for breastfeeding

If the mother needs a carrier which also helps her nurse her baby then Ring Slings, Mei Teis and Wraps make fabulous choices. While these types of carriers may keep the mother and her baby close, they are highly comfortable. These include enough fabric to cover the baby while being breastfed. Rushing back home or putting up a crimson face in public for the purpose of breastfeeding the baby can be avoided. A Moby wrap allows the mother to nurse her baby discreetly in public.

Duration of wearing the carrier

There are few baby carriers that can be used for holding an infant close to the mother since the time it is born till it grows a few years old. Mei Teis are exclusively designed to distribute the baby weight in a balanced way on the shoulders and waist. Many of the mothers who have used Mei Tei have highly positive reviews to give for the design. Baby Trekker and Ergobaby carrier are other suitable options to be considered in case the mother desires to hold her baby for a long span of time.

Read online reviews

Reviews from parents are very helpful. People write about the pros and cons of products they use. In case of baby carrier reviews, you will find plenty of useful and quality information. Resources like has reviewed many baby carriers and provides information of best baby carrier of 2014 and buying guides.

Conclusion: Final way

If the user needs to get hands on experience on the functionality of the carrier, she can head straight into a shop with a doll and a packet of 5 kilogram of sugar. She can try each of the types by using the doll to understand the position. Simultaneously using sugar will help judge the impact of the weight on the body.