Car Seats for Infants – Why Are They So Important?

car seats for infantsThanks to this new mandate which requires infants and toddlers to restrain seated while they are inside a moving vehicle. This law is truly blessing for the mankind knowing the fact that so many infants and children are severely injured in various unfortunate road accidents across the country. This law is so strictly implemented that you cannot even leave the hospital to bring your newborn back home if you don’t have a car seat installed in your vehicle. It is also the duty of parents to ensure safety for their children and should never show negligence towards this safety measure.

Now the question arises about the best car seat for your infant and what features you should look for while buying an infant car seat.

Myriad varieties of car seats are available in the market but you need to keep in mind few things while purchasing the best convertible car seat at Tot on Board for your baby.

The height and weight parameter of your baby is the most important feature which you need to keep in mind before purchasing the car seat for your infant. An infant car seat is generally made to accommodate anything between 5-40 pounds. You may find various brands and models in the market depending upon the additional safety measures and extra comforts they have to offer at the cost of some extra amount.

However, you need to keep in mind that your baby will soon grow up and would exceed the weight and height limits offered by the car seat. Babies generally exceed 35-40 pounds after growing 2 years and it is absolutely correct to think that the infant car seat you purchase is only good for the initial 2-3 years of the baby’s age similar to what happens with your baby’s clothes. This should, however, not allow you to compromise with your baby’s safety although you can chose a reasonable brand infant car seat which offers all the safety measures to the infant along with a comfortable seating.

As we all know that infants up to the age of 2 years are recommended for rear facing position and children above 2 years are recommended for forward facing position in a moving vehicle. An infant only car seat should easily fit inside your vehicle and should face the rear of the vehicle. As infants are very tender and cannot support their fragile body, this car seat should allow a semi-reclining position which ensures a proper alignment of the baby’s head, neck and spine. The infant car seat should be made up of energy-absorbing foam so as to allow the baby to rest in a comfortable position irrespective of the bumps and shocks which may occur on the road. An infant only car seat also comes with an infant insert which allows the baby to fit in more comfortably and easily especially if the infant is too small to restrain in a car seat comfortably.

Infant car seats can also be used for the second child if you plan to have multiple children. They can also be sold back once your baby grows out of the size and weight dimensions of the car seat. Another alternative to infant only car seats is convertible car seats.