Best Multipurpose Cribs

A baby crib with built-in storage features a storage facility that is attached to its body. The storage facility may also include a dresser, changing table and mostly an under-crib storage feature such as a drawer. Cribs with storage may be the ideal solution for the future bed of your toddler. The cribs provide both comfort and safety.

Why storage is important

Ideally, the best crib should be sturdy, safe, and should fit in your room without necessarily making it appear congested. But if your desire is to keep your baby’s room uncluttered, regardless of how many baby goods make up this room or regardless of the space which you want to manage while keeping it tidier, then the crib that will perfectly fit into the nursery isn’t enough. You should look for a crib that will take the minimum space and also lock most of your baby’s belongings within its structure. The crib should provide you with the storage cupboards and the best changing table alongside a perfect bed for the baby.

What are multipurpose cribs?

Multipurpose cribs are the cribs which offer good facility of storing your baby’s goods alongside serving as a comfortable infant bed. They also include the changing table and a dresser and you can later convert them into a full-size bed or even a youth bed. The cribs are also referred to as the multipurpose cribs because of their ability of being more than just baby cribs and encompassing several furniture pieces in a single structure.

The problems multipurpose cribs solve

Multipurpose cribs solve many problems. First, with such a crib you will be able to reduce the number of shelves and cupboards inside your room therefore making the room more spacious. The cribs are also more cost effective than the other furniture pieces purchased separately. The purpose of these cribs is to enhance the normal baby’s crib functionality and offer safety, storage and complete bed solution.

Top three baby cribs with built-in baby items storage

Thankfully, getting a baby crib with built-in storage in the market is possible. The leading baby furniture brands offer such cribs in many different designs, sizes and also prices. The following are the top three baby cribs with nice built-in storage in the market.

1. Dream On-Me Casco 3 in 1 Mini-Crib and Dressing-Table Combo


This baby crib is available in natural, espresso black, white and cherry colors. It is a light portable crib which offers greater storage capacity. It also comes with a storage table that includes the restraining strap for safety purposes, a changing pad, two back shelves and three roomy drawers. The crib also comes with 1” mattress pad. It’s convertible into a twin size bed and a day bed. Moreover, it has 2 mattress adjustable levels and it is sturdier. However, this baby crib cannot fit through any doorway and therefore it will be important to decide on where to place it before the assembling process.

2. Athena Daphne-Convertible Crib & Changer


This baby crib with built-in storage comes in two main colors: Cherry and white. It offers greater storage capacity with attached a changing table and a dresser that consist of two back shelves and three drawers. Furthermore, the baby crib has two wide drawers and the manufacturer designed each piece in way that you will get maximum storage space. The crib is environmental friendly and made with pine wood. You can convert it into a youth bed and a day bed. Moreover, this crib is easier to assemble and its sturdier body is easier to glide. You can also choose to detach the changing table and use it as a side table after you have converted the crib into a youth bed.

3. Stork Craft Porto-fino 4-in 1 Fixed-Side Convertible Crib & Changer


This baby crib comes in four colors: white, dove brown, espresso and cherry. This crib has the best storage facility with drawers, 2 back shelves, and also a changing table. Its changing table is usually detachable and after you have converted this crib into a full-size bed, you will be able to use it as your side table – however, when it is still a crib, this table will form one of the crib sides and therefore you should keep it with your crib. The crib also comes with a water-proof vinyl changing pad and it’s made of the solid wood and other wood products. It has three adjustable mattress levels.