Best Headphones for Traveling


Many people that travel a lot always wonder the kind of headphones that can best suit them so that they can travel with ease. There are noise cancelling headphones that they can use to minimize distractions caused by noise and enjoy the journey in a classic style. Headphones provide a memorably appropriate response for travelers who need to enjoy their music while not interfering with the privacy of others. Below is a list of top 5 traveling headphones. You can read reviews of best noise cancelling headphones by Josh who has done a wonderful job and at his site Head Yo,  you can read reviews of more than 50 headphones.

Top 5 Headphones for Traveling

Wilkins C5

wilkins-c5These headphones are small and lightweight. This is important because the lightness helps you not feel heavy on the ears and because you are travelling long distance you do not need that sort of bulkiness because it will just be uncomfortable for you. It also has a unique way of fitting on your head and you do not have to keep adjusting it each and every time. Once you wear it you are okay and it fits completely. Research also labels it as the most comfortable earphones and they offer full bass sound that is clear and not harsh to the ears.

JH Audio 16 Pro

audio-16proThese are the few custom made headphones that are high end in-ear monitors. They are mostly popular because they are built to fit perfectly to your actual ears. This is important because most of the headphones are not usually built to fit all kinds of ears. People have different kinds and there are those who find it difficult to wear some of the headphones because they do not fit completely. This one makes sure it fits you perfectly no matter the size of your ears. They also provide one of the best sounds and they are adjustable so that they do not affect you. The biggest disadvantage of these headphones is that they can be quite costly but it is because they are custom made according to the specifications of the customer.


akg-k-490These headphones are smaller than the usual on-ear headphones but the distinctive feature is that they offer better sound isolation meaning they are quieter in the sense they do not produce unnecessary noise. Most on-ear headphones are usually bulky and make noise but this one is different and is mostly preferred for long distances even for its portability and the high sound quality.


psb-m4uHeadphones that offer noise cancelling have to be worth checking out. These earphones offer exactly that, the sounds from these headphones are properly balanced out and they sound like speakers. This is not surprising considering they are made from one of the most popular speaker designers.


Bose QC15

qc-15These are now the best selling travel headphones around. They have outstanding noise cancellation capabilities and they have been properly verified as well. The head fitting gear have also been made to fit all sizes and you will always find a size that fits you.

All these headphones clearly have differing features and different benefits. The important thing that makes them similar is the fact that they are all of the best quality and they have all been proven to be really reliable and effective. All of them come highly recommended and the only negative review for these headphones is the fact that they are a bit costly.


  1. They are all of the best quality and they guarantee you comfort no matter the kind you buy.
  2. They all have quality sound and the sounds are controlled in a way not to affect your ears.
  3. They are portable and so easy for you to carry and travel around with.
  4. They come in sizes that fit everyone no matter the size of your ears or head for that matter.
  5. The headphones offer different roles from listening to music to using them to communicate.


  1. They are quite costly because of their quality and unique features.
  2. There are some that do not seem to fit different sizes of ears.
  3. There are others that do not offer the required sound cancellation. Only some of them do.
  4. They are prone to theft because of their expensive nature and high quality features which make them a target.
  5. They can be lost easily as well mostly because of its portable nature especially when you are in a hurry it can easily be misplaced or even displaced.

Despite the disadvantages the advantages far outweigh them and it is more beneficial for you to own them. They have been clearly recommended and they are not like other substandard products that wear out or are not as effective. Their uniqueness is what makes them stand out and their reliability is something you can never ignore.

If you are looking for other options, you can visit here to get the better idea of what would suit you best.