A baby crib with built-in storage features a storage facility that is attached to its body. The storage facility may also include a dresser, changing table and mostly an under-crib storage feature such as a drawer. Cribs with storage may be the ideal solution for the future bed of your toddler. The cribs provide both comfort and safety.

Why storage is important

Ideally, the best crib should be sturdy, safe, and should fit in your room without necessarily making it appear congested. But if your desire is to keep your baby’s room uncluttered, regardless of how many baby goods make up this room or regardless of the space which you want to manage while keeping it tidier, then the crib that will perfectly fit into the nursery isn’t enough. You should look for a crib that will take the minimum space and also lock most of your baby’s belongings within its structure. The crib should provide you with the storage cupboards and the best changing table alongside a perfect bed for the baby.

What are multipurpose cribs?

Multipurpose cribs are the cribs which offer good facility of storing your baby’s goods alongside serving as a comfortable infant bed. They also include the changing table and a dresser and you can later convert them into a full-size bed or even a youth bed. The cribs are also referred to as the multipurpose cribs because of their ability of being more than just baby cribs and encompassing several furniture pieces in a single structure.

The problems multipurpose cribs solve

Multipurpose cribs solve many problems. First, with such a crib you will be able to reduce the number of shelves and cupboards inside your room therefore making the room more spacious. The cribs are also more cost effective than the other furniture pieces purchased separately. The purpose of these cribs is to enhance the normal baby’s crib functionality and offer safety, storage and complete bed solution.

Top three baby cribs with built-in baby items storage

Thankfully, getting a baby crib with built-in storage in the market is possible. The leading baby furniture brands offer such cribs in many different designs, sizes and also prices. The following are the top three baby cribs with nice built-in storage in the market.

1. Dream On-Me Casco 3 in 1 Mini-Crib and Dressing-Table Combo


This baby crib is available in natural, espresso black, white and cherry colors. It is a light portable crib which offers greater storage capacity. It also comes with a storage table that includes the restraining strap for safety purposes, a changing pad, two back shelves and three roomy drawers. The crib also comes with 1” mattress pad. It’s convertible into a twin size bed and a day bed. Moreover, it has 2 mattress adjustable levels and it is sturdier. However, this baby crib cannot fit through any doorway and therefore it will be important to decide on where to place it before the assembling process.

2. Athena Daphne-Convertible Crib & Changer


This baby crib with built-in storage comes in two main colors: Cherry and white. It offers greater storage capacity with attached a changing table and a dresser that consist of two back shelves and three drawers. Furthermore, the baby crib has two wide drawers and the manufacturer designed each piece in way that you will get maximum storage space. The crib is environmental friendly and made with pine wood. You can convert it into a youth bed and a day bed. Moreover, this crib is easier to assemble and its sturdier body is easier to glide. You can also choose to detach the changing table and use it as a side table after you have converted the crib into a youth bed.

3. Stork Craft Porto-fino 4-in 1 Fixed-Side Convertible Crib & Changer


This baby crib comes in four colors: white, dove brown, espresso and cherry. This crib has the best storage facility with drawers, 2 back shelves, and also a changing table. Its changing table is usually detachable and after you have converted this crib into a full-size bed, you will be able to use it as your side table – however, when it is still a crib, this table will form one of the crib sides and therefore you should keep it with your crib. The crib also comes with a water-proof vinyl changing pad and it’s made of the solid wood and other wood products. It has three adjustable mattress levels.

how-to-buy-baby-carrierBaby products are mushrooming day by day in the market. Even with the baby carriers, stores seem to offer newer varieties almost every day. If the wearer is inexperienced, in such a case it is very essential to weigh the pros and cons for each type. This would help in buying the right one that matches the mother and her baby’s needs. Some of the points that should be taken into consideration include:

Size of the baby

Depending upon the baby weight, a baby carrier can be chosen so that the wearer gets a firm grip or hold on the baby. If the baby weighs more, it gets essential to distribute the weight evenly. This is when an infantino front carrier becomes handy. For babies with light weight, moby wrap and slings are comfortable choices. For instance a baby with 31 pounds can be conveniently carried in an Ergo carrier. Do not end up buying the wrong designs that do not fit the criteria of the baby as well as that of the user.

Tendency of backache

With mothers complaining of severe backache, the solution lies in using soft structured carriers and fabrics or wraps. These carrier designs assist in holding the baby on different parts of the body hence are helpful in reducing the strain on the back. Additionally the backache problem can be avoided or reduced if the baby is held high. This leads to placing the baby’s center of gravity above that of the user. Without much exertion the mother can get a firmer grip over the baby. However a suggestion will be to spread the wrap or any other carrier properly so as to be able to distribute the load of the baby uniformly.

Need for breastfeeding

If the mother needs a carrier which also helps her nurse her baby then Ring Slings, Mei Teis and Wraps make fabulous choices. While these types of carriers may keep the mother and her baby close, they are highly comfortable. These include enough fabric to cover the baby while being breastfed. Rushing back home or putting up a crimson face in public for the purpose of breastfeeding the baby can be avoided. A Moby wrap allows the mother to nurse her baby discreetly in public.

Duration of wearing the carrier

There are few baby carriers that can be used for holding an infant close to the mother since the time it is born till it grows a few years old. Mei Teis are exclusively designed to distribute the baby weight in a balanced way on the shoulders and waist. Many of the mothers who have used Mei Tei have highly positive reviews to give for the design. Baby Trekker and Ergobaby carrier are other suitable options to be considered in case the mother desires to hold her baby for a long span of time.

Read online reviews

Reviews from parents are very helpful. People write about the pros and cons of products they use. In case of baby carrier reviews, you will find plenty of useful and quality information. Resources like katherinerosman.com has reviewed many baby carriers and provides information of best baby carrier of 2014 and buying guides.

Conclusion: Final way

If the user needs to get hands on experience on the functionality of the carrier, she can head straight into a shop with a doll and a packet of 5 kilogram of sugar. She can try each of the types by using the doll to understand the position. Simultaneously using sugar will help judge the impact of the weight on the body.

best electric scooter for kidsAre you in search of the ideal electric scooter for your kid? Well, there are different avenues you can use to ensure that you get nothing but the best electric scooters for kids. It all depends on the avenue you consider best. One of the best ways to procure a perfect electric scooter is by online means.

Currently, there is a great deal of online stores in existence. This means that you have a lot of choices at your disposal. The online shopping trend is actually one of the best things that have ever happened to shoppers. However, it is important to note that there are a couple of factors you should take into account any time you are shopping for an electric scooter online.

It is important to note that online shopping is quite different from the direct mode of it. Any mistake made when choosing electric scooters online may not be rectified hence the need to be very observant and more so cautious. Here are core factors to consider any time you are looking for the best scooter for your kid via online means:


This should actually count as a prime factor that must under no cost be snubbed. It is important to note that prices in online platforms are way different from that of your neighboring retailer. In addition, there are many online stores and each one of them may have their own prices. In this regard, it is important to consider the deal in which a certain electric scooter is going at.

The idea here is to do a thorough comparison between different online stores and consider one that has a considerable sales deal. The truth is that you will certainly get a dealer that perfectly matches with your budget.


It is always essential to note that electric scooters come in different models. This means that you are bound to come across different models of scooters in online stores. Some may suit your specifications while others may not. 

It is therefore important to checkout all the models at your disposal and define their distinguishing clear cuts. That way, you will be in a position to know which model is electric and which is not. You will also be able to check on other features which can in one way or the other complement your choice.


When it comes to your baby’s safety, there is actually nothing to compromise on. In this regard, you must ascertain that the electric scooter you have chosen has all the necessary safety features. Some of the safety features you should be on the lookout for are eye protection, Helmet, full-fingered gloves, Long pants, long-sleeved sturdy jacket among others.


Although a lot of people consider it a mediocre feature, the brand of an electric scooter is a very important factor not to be snubbed. This is because you will come across brands that cannot provide you with the service you expected. Actually, there are brands that have a very bad reputation among most people. In this regard, you must always consider a brand that has a great name and one that has the capacity to make your kid feel great when riding around.


Read reviews provided by various parents and other resources. Kids for King is a great online resource to know more about these products. You can visit the website here.


Many people that travel a lot always wonder the kind of headphones that can best suit them so that they can travel with ease. There are noise cancelling headphones that they can use to minimize distractions caused by noise and enjoy the journey in a classic style. Headphones provide a memorably appropriate response for travelers who need to enjoy their music while not interfering with the privacy of others. Below is a list of top 5 traveling headphones. You can read reviews of best noise cancelling headphones by Josh who has done a wonderful job and at his site Head Yo,  you can read reviews of more than 50 headphones.

Top 5 Headphones for Traveling

Wilkins C5

wilkins-c5These headphones are small and lightweight. This is important because the lightness helps you not feel heavy on the ears and because you are travelling long distance you do not need that sort of bulkiness because it will just be uncomfortable for you. It also has a unique way of fitting on your head and you do not have to keep adjusting it each and every time. Once you wear it you are okay and it fits completely. Research also labels it as the most comfortable earphones and they offer full bass sound that is clear and not harsh to the ears.

JH Audio 16 Pro

audio-16proThese are the few custom made headphones that are high end in-ear monitors. They are mostly popular because they are built to fit perfectly to your actual ears. This is important because most of the headphones are not usually built to fit all kinds of ears. People have different kinds and there are those who find it difficult to wear some of the headphones because they do not fit completely. This one makes sure it fits you perfectly no matter the size of your ears. They also provide one of the best sounds and they are adjustable so that they do not affect you. The biggest disadvantage of these headphones is that they can be quite costly but it is because they are custom made according to the specifications of the customer.


akg-k-490These headphones are smaller than the usual on-ear headphones but the distinctive feature is that they offer better sound isolation meaning they are quieter in the sense they do not produce unnecessary noise. Most on-ear headphones are usually bulky and make noise but this one is different and is mostly preferred for long distances even for its portability and the high sound quality.


psb-m4uHeadphones that offer noise cancelling have to be worth checking out. These earphones offer exactly that, the sounds from these headphones are properly balanced out and they sound like speakers. This is not surprising considering they are made from one of the most popular speaker designers.


Bose QC15

qc-15These are now the best selling travel headphones around. They have outstanding noise cancellation capabilities and they have been properly verified as well. The head fitting gear have also been made to fit all sizes and you will always find a size that fits you.

All these headphones clearly have differing features and different benefits. The important thing that makes them similar is the fact that they are all of the best quality and they have all been proven to be really reliable and effective. All of them come highly recommended and the only negative review for these headphones is the fact that they are a bit costly.


  1. They are all of the best quality and they guarantee you comfort no matter the kind you buy.
  2. They all have quality sound and the sounds are controlled in a way not to affect your ears.
  3. They are portable and so easy for you to carry and travel around with.
  4. They come in sizes that fit everyone no matter the size of your ears or head for that matter.
  5. The headphones offer different roles from listening to music to using them to communicate.


  1. They are quite costly because of their quality and unique features.
  2. There are some that do not seem to fit different sizes of ears.
  3. There are others that do not offer the required sound cancellation. Only some of them do.
  4. They are prone to theft because of their expensive nature and high quality features which make them a target.
  5. They can be lost easily as well mostly because of its portable nature especially when you are in a hurry it can easily be misplaced or even displaced.

Despite the disadvantages the advantages far outweigh them and it is more beneficial for you to own them. They have been clearly recommended and they are not like other substandard products that wear out or are not as effective. Their uniqueness is what makes them stand out and their reliability is something you can never ignore.

If you are looking for other options, you can visit here to get the better idea of what would suit you best.

car seats for infantsThanks to this new mandate which requires infants and toddlers to restrain seated while they are inside a moving vehicle. This law is truly blessing for the mankind knowing the fact that so many infants and children are severely injured in various unfortunate road accidents across the country. This law is so strictly implemented that you cannot even leave the hospital to bring your newborn back home if you don’t have a car seat installed in your vehicle. It is also the duty of parents to ensure safety for their children and should never show negligence towards this safety measure.

Now the question arises about the best car seat for your infant and what features you should look for while buying an infant car seat.

Myriad varieties of car seats are available in the market but you need to keep in mind few things while purchasing the best convertible car seat at Tot on Board for your baby.

The height and weight parameter of your baby is the most important feature which you need to keep in mind before purchasing the car seat for your infant. An infant car seat is generally made to accommodate anything between 5-40 pounds. You may find various brands and models in the market depending upon the additional safety measures and extra comforts they have to offer at the cost of some extra amount.

However, you need to keep in mind that your baby will soon grow up and would exceed the weight and height limits offered by the car seat. Babies generally exceed 35-40 pounds after growing 2 years and it is absolutely correct to think that the infant car seat you purchase is only good for the initial 2-3 years of the baby’s age similar to what happens with your baby’s clothes. This should, however, not allow you to compromise with your baby’s safety although you can chose a reasonable brand infant car seat which offers all the safety measures to the infant along with a comfortable seating.

As we all know that infants up to the age of 2 years are recommended for rear facing position and children above 2 years are recommended for forward facing position in a moving vehicle. An infant only car seat should easily fit inside your vehicle and should face the rear of the vehicle. As infants are very tender and cannot support their fragile body, this car seat should allow a semi-reclining position which ensures a proper alignment of the baby’s head, neck and spine. The infant car seat should be made up of energy-absorbing foam so as to allow the baby to rest in a comfortable position irrespective of the bumps and shocks which may occur on the road. An infant only car seat also comes with an infant insert which allows the baby to fit in more comfortably and easily especially if the infant is too small to restrain in a car seat comfortably.

Infant car seats can also be used for the second child if you plan to have multiple children. They can also be sold back once your baby grows out of the size and weight dimensions of the car seat. Another alternative to infant only car seats is convertible car seats.

best baby monitor - watch my totOnce you have made your mind to purchase a baby monitor to keep surveillance of your baby at home, it is time to decide the brand and model you want to go for. Out of a myriad range of baby monitor models available in the market, it is easy to choose the best one for you if you have a clear picture in your mind about the features you require in your baby monitor. However, the basic purpose of monitoring your baby’s activities can be resolved by all these monitors, you might be looking for some specific feature in your baby monitor that may or may not be available in certain models.

While there are numerous brands in the market selling baby monitors, Motorola is one such reliable brand which has achieved remarkable success in the field of baby monitors. The Motorola Digital video baby monitor is one of the most recommended and best selling baby monitors in the marketplace today. The Motorola digital video baby monitor provides you with all the possible functionality that can be equipped in a desirable baby monitor. It is an ultimate device you have been looking for; now you can monitor all the activities of your baby and make yourself completely assured that your baby is doing well in her room. Find out the best baby monitor reviews at Watch My Tot.

The Motorola digital video baby monitor comes with one of the largest display unit which is a 3.5 inch video monitor with high resolution colored display. Bigger than any other video monitor display and equipped with infrared night vision quality display makes it by far the best and optimum baby monitor available in the market. Another amazing feature of the Motorola digital video monitor is its audio sensitivity which lets you hear even the slightest sound uttered by your baby. The Motorola digital video monitor also comes equipped with an automatic sleep mode feature which activates when the baby is asleep and no sound is uttered by her for a long duration. As soon as the baby wakes up and utters something, the sleep mode deactivates itself automatically and the voice of the baby can be heard at the receiving end.

The receiver end, along with the digital video display, incorporates a highly sensitive microphone which allows a two-way communication between the parents and the baby. This gives the baby a sense of fake security that the parents are nowhere but in her surroundings.

Other valuable features which are included in the Motorola digital video monitor are a temperature sensor, a lullaby player with built-in lullabies, sound-activated lights, flexible camera swivel which allows optimal picture capturing and above all an excellent range of up to 500 ft. The Motorola digital monitor uses a wireless technology to transmit signals between the transmitter and receiver units. It also has an indication which warns you if the any of the units are placed out of the baby monitors range.

Overall, the Motorola digital video monitor can be an excellent choice for you to keep an eye on your baby at times when your baby is asleep in her room or you are busy with other household work and are unable to stay around your baby. The Motorola digital video baby monitor can also be purchased online from various e-shopping websites at discounted rates.